Support H Cup Chronicles

I recently set up a Gofundme page here for any donations people may want to make.

Most of you who read my blog/follow my instagram will know that lingerie is my passion. In particular, I feel very strongly about large cup lingerie and bra fitting.
I recently quit my job, which was a difficult decision to make as it was a job I loved very much. However, working in lingerie is still my dream, and your help could fund so many different things. Fixing up my website, printing new business cards, flights to different trade shows which are important networking hubs for bloggers and brands. Everything I’ve done so far for the blog has been paid for out of my own pocket. I’m not going to unemployed for much longer, but I won’t be on as high a salary as I used to be until I figure my next move out. So, if you enjoy my blog and what I do, any donations to help support my passion would be very welcome!
H Cup Chronicles xx