Big boob fashion: Bolero Beachwear

Oh my, it’s been quite a while.

I’ll not ramble too much about why I haven’t been active. If you follow my Instagram you know it’s been a mixture of no inspiration, body changes, and general sadness. BUT! I’m feeling more myself and part of that is due to being touched by the genuine kindness of other people.

Patricia from Bolero Beachwear reached out to me a couple of months ago after I’d made a particularly sad post, and said she wanted to send me one of her dresses. OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF HER HEART!!! She didn’t expect a review or anything, she purely wanted to spread some positivity and warmth because that’s just how she lives her life. She even let me pick whichever dress I wanted. I chose the Erica dress in plaid, because I’ve been on a big plaid/check kick lately and I could see myself actually wearing it.

I’ve tried wrap dresses and tops before but never been comfortable because having to size up for big boobs usually means the wrap is way too loose and one boob is on show all the time unless you use safety pins or wear a camisole underneath, which really just ruins the look. Patricia took my exact measurements and sent me the medium. It. Is. Perfect.

The wrap covers everything it needs to but you can also drop it down to show more cleavage if that’s your thing. The ruching detail under the bust nips in the waist so nicely and (if you worry about such things) flatters the stomach area.

It comes to just around my knee which is the perfect length for me as I’m not tall so any longer of a skirt makes me look too stumpy. The material is great quality, doesn’t wrinkle and is heavy enough that the skirt doesn’t blow up in the wind which is something I worry about a lot! There are also two different sashes included; one black and one red, so you can wear it differently every time and match different accessories etc to it.

I really do love this dress. I’ve had so many compliments at work when I wear it. I love walking around and swishing the skirt dramatically. Oh…and just one more thing.



2 thoughts on “Big boob fashion: Bolero Beachwear

  1. There is pretty, there is beautiful and then there is you wearing our Erica Plaid dress. Gorgeous!
    You look so amazing in this dress, is like we made it specially for you…well, kinda..OK seriously, once we got your measurements, we figured your size, knowing it will be the right size for you, but these photos of you wearing Bolero and looking so beautiful, are like one of the best rewards we can get.
    Thanks for your kindness reviewing our dress. You know you didn’t have to do it. I really appreciate your time, each one of your kind words and the love and energy in these amazing photos.
    When I came across to one of your post, a couple of months ago, where you were so sad and disappointed about life, I knew that one of our dresses will make you smile and lift your spirit too. I’m so glad to see you now very happy, smiling and with that new haircut and those killer curves…Rocking the world. I told you, life is beautiful.
    Our common friend Kristen with Exclusively Kristen was so right about you being a very nice person, so a very nice person deserves very nice clothes right?
    Have an amazing 2018 and thanks again for allowing Bolero to make you smile in Ireland.
    Love from our team in Florida to you.

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