Review: Voodoo by Scantilly

I wrote last year about my love for Scantilly, Curvy Kate’s erotic line. I’ve bought many more sets from the range since then and my love hasn’t faded. Unfortunately though, in that time, my love for my body had started to dwindle as I’ve gone through some personal changes lately which have had a bit of an impact on my mental health. The amazing Grace (hehe) at Brastop got in touch with me a few weeks ago to see if I would like to review one of the new Scantilly sets. Of course I jumped at the chance, and Voodoo arrived at just the right time. Lately when I see myself, I have to get used to my appearance each time as it has changed recently. When I’m feeling really down, it’s harder o accept these changes and all my body positive wisdom is nowhere to be found. Voodoo arrived the day after quite a big episode of hating my body, and I was actually nervous to try it on. I thought I’d hate what I saw, and was worried about how I’d be able to write a review if I was feeling shitty and couldn’t take photos. 

Oh, how wrong I was! This set was made for me. It really feels that way. It is ridiculously comfortably and just works so well with my shape. I was worried that the strappy briefs would cut into my hips – like everything does – and make me look like a sausage but I love them so much and think I look frickin hot! 

I received the bra in a 30HH and the fit is spot on. It may look difficult to put on when you first see it, but it’s pretty easy to figure out which straps are supposed to go where, and then you just put your arms through like any old bra. The only issue I have is with the satin layer. The stitching isn’t quite right so it doesn’t match up with the cup underneath. This means the seam on the satin layer sort of comes to a point and looks like a huge nipple on the side of my boob. I tried tightening all the straps to see if it would smoothen out, but it didn’t work. I realised that pulling the satin down towards the wires made it sit better, so I might see if I can figure out a way to put a little stitch at the bottom without destroying the whole bra! 

To be honest, it doesn’t bother me too much as the overall look of the bra makes up for it. I’ll just try and remember not to wear it under tight clothes! The straps look so sexy showing underneath a sheer blouse or lower cut top. I actually wore mine one day with a grungey plaid shirt and I really liked the contrast!

The knickers are soooooo soft and comfortable. Like I said above, I was worried about the fit and had asked Grace for advice about sizing. She said to go for the 12 as the main part sits low enough and you can tie the strap as loose or tight as you want. I initially though I should go for a 14, but I’m glad I listened to Grace as that definitely would’ve been too big. I tie the strap as tight as I can and it still feels loose enough, so I’d imagine if I had a 14 the strap would just slide down my belly! The back of the knickers are sheer and have no VPL, which is my favourite thing. 

All in all, I’m extremely happy with this set. It was a welcome reminder to be kind to myself and to see the beauty in my body. I’d sort of forgotten how much lingerie has helped me in my bopo journey, but Voodoo helped me rediscover my passion and love for it. So thank you Scantilly, and thank you Brastop for making this lovefest possible!


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