Large cup sports bras: Bravissimo, Freya and Royce

I am by no means an athlete, but to keep myself sane and happy  I try and do some form of exercise when I can be bothered. The endorphin rush is great and that feeling the next day in my muscles is so good, but I don’t guilt myself for not doing “enough”. I get bored of things quickly so I try and mix it up – zumba, running, pilates and now yoga are all things I try to do at least once a week. Pretty much anyone with boobs will know the struggle of making any vigorous or sudden movement and trying to keep them from falling out of your bra or hurting too much. Sports bras are another one of those things that have been readily available for pretty much ever in the core sizes (up to a D/DD), but anyone above that will most likely have had issues trying to find something to work for their bodies. When I first started running, it was before I knew my correct size so I wore two sports bras at the same time because one poorly fitting one was not enough. The two together still wasn’t enough, and I had to do an awkward arms-pushed-into-boobs run to try and keep them from flinging all over the place. It’s not funny. It can be really painful. So shut up.

My first sports bra REVELATION was after I finally discovered my true size and decided to buy the Bravissimo Inspire sports bra. I can’t remember why I chose this one out of the range they offer, probably the price to be honest. But I’m so glad I did because to this day it is still the best sports bra I’ve ever tried. The one I bought was from back when Bravissimo were first trialling this, but when it finally came back into stock this year, I sold the crap out of it when I worked there. It’s super high impact, so really great for stuff like running or zumba – anything that has you constantly moving up and down. It’s unbelievably comfortable. Sometimes I forget I’m wearing a sports bra after exercising and end up wearing it all day. The shape is a bit pointy, but I really don’t care because when I’m getting my sweat on I’m not really worrying about what shape my boobs are, as long as they’re under control.


When I was running 5k 3-4 times a week, unsurprisingly I lost a lot of weight. The first Inspire I had was a 32J. When that became too big, I panicked because it was no longer in stock. I tried all the sports bras Bravissimo had in my size, and the next best thing for me at the time was the Freya Active Core. I got this in a 30H. It doesn’t feel quite as supportive as the Inspire, but it still does the job for running and other high impact activity. One day when I was hoking through my drawers, I pulled out an Inspire in 30HH which somehow I completely forgot I’d bought when my size changed. The love affair lived on. But now I felt like a super serious athlete with TWO WHOLE SPORTS BRAS.
The shape and the fit of the Freya is quite similar to Inspire. There isn’t quite as much structure or lining to the cups though, which is where I think the extra support comes from in Inspire. It also doesn’t come up just as high enough as I’d like, but I don’t bounce out of it so it’s not really a massive issue. I would still definitely recommend giving this style a try.


The final sports bra I’d like to share with you is the Impact Free sports bra from Royce. It’s a wire free option. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. I could sleep in this. And I really, really don’t like sleeping in bras, even non-wired ones. The material of this bra is the softest thing I’ve ever felt, and the squishy soft cotton underband makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all (nothing at all, nothing at all…).  I’ve tried a few non-wired sports bras in my previous searches, and none of them did anything for me. I know a lot of people wear non-wired sports bras for high impact activity, but they just never seem to work for me. So I was really pleasantly surprised by the amount of support I got from the Royce bra. Personally, I don’t love it for running – I went for a run wearing it last week and while the support was pretty good, I’d much rather wear one of my underwired ones. However it was perfect for yoga when I was doing a lot of leaning over and bending and stretching. That’s not to say it won’t be good for high impact for other people. I know a lot of customers I fitted were happy to wear it for running and such. It may be important to note that I went for a 32H in this bra. I remember it being much tighter than most other styles when I was fitting. I think I would be able to wear a 30, but it wouldn’t be very comfortable. The level of support in the 32 is enough for me to feel secure.


4 thoughts on “Large cup sports bras: Bravissimo, Freya and Royce

  1. Hi I am a 40” j cup & I wondered if u could tell me what sports bra would be best for me I have developed a curved spine but don’t feel the bras I have support me enough so makes my back worse.
    A friend recommended one of ur bras to give me more support many thanks Linda


    1. Hi Linda, if you’re okay with underwire, I would highly recommend the Bravissimo Inspire. My boobs barely move in it! It has a wide band which provides extra support. If there is a Bravissimo near you I would encourage you to go and try it on as it can be a little small in the cup. I hope you find something!


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