What I learned shopping for custom made bralettes

Bralettes or bralets, whichever way you wanna spell it – and all the spellchecks on all my devices tell me every  version is incorrect – are huge right now. They’re cute, dainty, fun to layer with or wear on their own. Yeah, I don’t need to list for you all the selling points. You’ll also already know that they generally aren’t easily available or hugely suitable for a fuller bust. Anyone with big boobs knows that things sized S/M/L or by dress size don’t work for us. And the people who make these things usually don’t have a clue about how to make things for our boobs. However, there are some majestic lingerie wizards out there who will make things by hand according to your specific measurements, and I’m going to talk about two designers I bought custom made underwear from, and what I learned along the way.

Owner and designer Avery Barsony started Bettie Fatal in 2012, and actively practices body positivity by shooting her lines on a diverse range of models. I always feel better buying from brands who are clearly body positive, as it generally means they will give a shit about me as a customer. I’d been following Bettie Fatal for a while on Instagram but the thought to buy a non-wired bralette never really crossed my mind til I saw this post with the caption saying something about working for fuller busts:

Pink Triangle Bra and High Waisted Pants from the Veisso collection – Bettie Fatal

Usually I don’t really give non-wired styles a second glance because I think my brain is just programmed to go “nah, not for me” and quickly move on. But I really liked the chilled out feeling from the Veisso line, and the vaguely sporty look which is not something I’d normally go for. I’m also instantly attracted to high waisted pants, and these just looked so comfy. I got in touch with Avery, who was very happy to do a custom order for me.

I gave her my underbust and overbust measurements (30″/38″) and sorta thought that would be all you’d need to know to create a well-fitting, soft cup bra for my boobs. It was…pretty close. Lemme be clear, I have nothing negative to say about Avery’s skills as a lingerie designer/maker. The quality of the product is perfect. The material is super soft, breathable and really pleasant to wear. But I’d never ordered anything like this before, and I know now that I should’ve slightly tweaked my measurements. A band 30 inches around stretches to more than that, and a non-wired bralette stretches much more than an underwired bra. I’m so used to firmer bands, and I kind of need that firmness to hold my boobs up properly. So while the Veisso bra is really comfortable and actually makes my boobs look GREAT, I can’t move around an awful lot in it without having to constantly readjust myself. The triangle shape is not the most practical for me, as there just isn’t enough material for MY personal preferences.

I’m not put off by this though. It’s nice to lounge or sleep in, and I still wear the pants separately with other bras. And I would definitely order a Bettie Fatal set again, just doing things a little differently. I would ask for a smaller back measurement so I get a little more hold. I’d also ask for more material covering the boobs, as this is something I learnt from ordering my dino bone print set from Bad Bunny Shop.


If you know me or follow my Instagram, you most likely know I love dinosaurs. I dunno what it is about them, but they’ve made me happy since I can remember. THE FACT THAT THEY EVEN EXISTED JUST BLOWS MY MIND. Like, THEY WALKED THIS EARTH AND THEY WERE REALLY BIG. Ugh, I wish Jurassic Park was real. I will spend stupid amounts of money on things that are dinosaur related in any way. I JUST GOTTA HAVE ALL THE DINOSAUR THINGS. I’ve talked a few times about how I really wanted dinosaur print underwear, and one of the lovely babes in the Instagram lingerie community (@princeofkatslingerie xoxo) showed me the way. I messaged the owner asking if they did custom orders, and she said YES! So I sent Jenn, owner and designer behind Bad Bunny Shop.

Jenn was so patient and lovely to work with. When she first shipped my order, she sent me a message to say she was worried the bra wouldn’t be high enough at the front, and to just send it back to her if it needed any adjustments. I tried it on when it arrived, and she was right. I also noticed again that the band was super stretchy, so I asked if she could take that in a little bit. She was more than happy to rework the bra for me, and the second time around it was completely perfect. AND NOW I HAVE DINOSAUR UNDERWEAR!!!!

SO, what I learned was to give a smaller underbust measurement to get something supportive enough. Next time I order something like this, I’ll probably ask for a 28″ band. I’ll also ask for way more material at the front. If you can sort of measure the vertical height of you boobs in a bra, this will give you an idea of what you need. Then add 3 inches because in a bralette it still won’t be enough. Adjustable straps are still kind of a necessity, because if you aren’t able to tighten them they’ll just do nothing for you and stretch out really quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Most indie designers do really want to work with you and give you exactly what you want. I’m sure I’ll continue to learn more as I delve more into the world of non-wired bralettes. And if you have any tips from your own adventures, feel free to share!


5 thoughts on “What I learned shopping for custom made bralettes

  1. You are so right about the way you need to change your measurements to get what you need ! I experienced the same thing ! But some indie designers will ask for your breasts radius and some others won’t. I think it is really an important things to mention, if not it is quite impossible to make a bra that will fit.


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