Book Review: The Breast Life Guide to The Bra Zone by Elisabeth Dale

Yes! A book review! I love books, and I love bras, so imagine my excitement when I first saw Elisabeth Dale of The Breast Life talking about her book, which deals with everything you could possibly think of to do with bras, bra fit, style, sizing, shopping and care. When Elisabeth posted on her Instagram (@thebreastlife) about getting an advance copy to review, I instantly messaged her.

I appreciate that the book is now available to the general public (here) so my review is a little late, but I still have a lot to say about it. Also, as most of my readers are UK based and may not follow all the same lingerie blogs that I do, I’m hoping this will give an extra little boost to interest in Elisabeth’s book, because it really deserves it.

As a trained bra fitter and general lingerie enthusiast, there was not much in this book that I didn’t already know. You’d think that would make it boring to read, but it was the exact opposite. This book is so accessible and easy to follow. It breaks down every aspect of bras and bra fitting that those not previously knowledgeable on this subject may have even thought about. There is not a single point in this book that I disagree with, or can find fault with. In fact, I found myself feeling excited to read something on a subject I’m so passionate about, and had to stop myself enthusiastically shouting “YAAASSSS” at every page.

The Bra Zone is broken down into very simple, short chapters, but manages to cover so much. It’s definitely going to help me be more succinct in how I explain bra stuff to people, as I tend to ramble and get lost when trying to make a point. There is very little lingerie jargon, and if there is, Elisabeth takes the care to explain everything in everyday terms. You’ll find all the information you need to know on finding your true size, different styles of bra and how they work for different shapes, where to shop or read more information, how to care for and store your bras, and little tricks and tips to customise your bras and help prolong their lives. Literally (honestly), everything you need to and have ever wanted to know about bras is in this book. It demystifies the D cup, busts bra and boob myths, and even pictures and names different styles to help better understand different bras.

One thing I loved about this book (and there were so many things) is that the abundance of information on sizes, shapes and styles is not mean to confuse you or make you feel limited, but to show you just how much more is available to you that you thought possible. Elisabeth encourages you to trust yourself when buying bras. Of course, many bra fitters are incredible well trained and knowledgeable, and there are endless resources and blogs out there to help you, but The Bra Zone tells you what we in the lingerie and fitting industry all know, which is not complicated for anyone else to understand. You don’t need to be an expert to take bra matters into your own hands! Most importantly, to me personally, is the genuine and warm body positive message which runs throughout the book. Your body and your boobs will change over time, and that’s okay and perfectly normal. What won’t change is how much this book will continue to help you, no matter how different your body becomes.

The Bra Zone – 10/10, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up! I wish I’d had this book when I first entered my own Bra Zone! (And thank you to Elisabeth for including me in her list of resources and bloggers, I’m still so overwhelmed and excited by that discovery!)

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ME! And I’m included with so many people I admire. Check them out!

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