Review: Lilly and Lime Swimwear

I’d been following Lilly and Lime for a while on Instagram before they contacted me about a review opportunity. I’m always excited to see more brands that cater to the G+ market, and I’d actually already been eyeing up a few of their bikinis!

Lilly and Lime was started by two friends, Emma-Jane and Ash who had both struggled to find nice swimwear being a D cup or above. I love that they decided to take things into their own hands after a few drinks at a hen party! Don’t all good ideas start that way?

The brand currently offers three bikini styles: full cup, balconette and halterneck, in 28-38 D-HH. The three brief options are full brief, basic brief and hipster tie side briefs, in sizes 8-18. I chose the green Chevron halterneck, as green is my favourite colour and I don’t own a halterneck bikini so I thought it would make a nice change. I also chose the deep briefs, in a size 10. The colour is a perfect, bright, apple green, and the fabric is very soft and of good quality. 

When I first tried it on, my heart sank because I thought I hated it! The shape is completely different from what I’m used to. The cups are more padded than I thought they would be, and I’m not sure this really works for me because of how soft my breasts are. Padding tends to push my soft skin up and out, which is not exactly the look I want to go for. Due to being a hardcore Cleo girl, I’m very used to the upfront shape, and being very neat at the sides. I hate looking like my boobs are spread out sideways. This bikini top does spread me out a little bit more than I would like. I actually texted my sister in a panic because, although I only want to give honest reviews, I didn’t want to give anyone a bad review! I sent her a few photos and she reassured me that I looked good. I do have to admit that I’ve put on quite a bit of weight lately, so in general I don’t immediately like everything I try on because first I have to get used to my new shape. (Apologies that the photos in this review aren’t the best quality!)

You can see the wires aren’t completely flat, but I have put on weight

I wore the bikini for a couple of hours in the sunshine (which seems to have retired once again), and it was really comfortable to move around in. I meet a lot of big busted women who think halternecks are the work of Satan, but I always say if you’re wearing the right size and the band is firm enough, it shouldn’t matter. Also, the straps on this halterneck are very soft and quite broad, so they shouldn’t put too much pressure on your neck. 

With the halterneck tied a little looser, the wires sit flatter so I think a HH would have been a bit big. I find this is true to size.

The pants do fit well, and again are very comfortable. However, as usual I wish they were high waisted, rather than full briefs. I find this in-between shape tends to cut me in the wrong place, and isn’t as flattering on me personally as a high waisted brief.

All in all, I would say this bikini is definitely true to size if you ignore my weight gain! It is very comfortable to wear, and I just love the colour. The shape definitely grew on me the longer I wore it. I think my next bikini might be the floral full cup… 


19 thoughts on “Review: Lilly and Lime Swimwear

    1. Bravissimo keep a plain black swimsuit all year round! Also, try a Panache swim as they keep plainer one pieces. You can also search by size and colour on figleaves so you can eliminate all the styles you don’t like. Hope you find something!


  1. Hi :). May I ask what size your ordered and was if it was consistent size with Cleo bras which fitted you at that time? I want to order one of these bikini tops and would like to get it right as the exchange might be a hassle. Thanks.


      1. I realize it and want to try anyway :). None of my bikinis gives the same shape as Cleo bra. Thanks for answer, it is going to be easier for me to order as the bikinis often are unpredictable.

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  2. Thank you so much for this article. I much prefer the shape and projection that Cleo offers. I always have a hard time ordering bikinis online. I am a 28GG and its a struggle so I can only imagine what its like for you.


      1. Yeah, I have to stick with Panache, Freya, Ewa and a few others. I’m on a quest now to find supportive sports bras. I know Panache has one, I just haven’t tried it yet.


  3. Ok thank you! I have many questions about it but don’t want to plug up your feed. Can you email me when you have a chance. Thanks so much for your help! Mia ❤


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