Beach Body Gal Pals

I know I’ve already shared a lot of photos from the “Beach Body Ready” collaboration with cutie Megan from Vent Threads and the amazing photographer Ciara, but I just wanted to say  a short bit about what a great day it was (and to have an excuse to share a bunch of photos again). Megan approached me a few weeks ago, asking if I would join in as she’d seen my posts about body positivity, and I was so excited to say yes. OBVIOUSLY. I was even more excited to hear that two of our friends, Helen and Colette would be joining us.

The location was perfect for the shoot – an empty Victorian pool in Templemore, Belfast. I felt like a real life model, and I remembered all the lessons Tyra Banks taught me (I’ve recently binge-watched about 12 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, so if anything I’m over-qualified). Also, there’s a lot to be said for standing in your room and taking photos of yourself in your knickers and how empowering it is, but it’s nothing compared to doing it with a group of fun, intelligent and positive friends. I love playing with my lingerie in my room and doing silly poses in front of my iPhone on selfie mode, but there’s just something about being with a group of like-minded women that really puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day! Surrounding yourself with positivity really does help you feel more positive about yourself.

Anyway, here are a load of photos that I love looking at. There is a mixture of Megan’s, Ciara’s and my photos (mine are the rubbish quality iPhone shots!) Maybe you’ll love looking at them too and feel confident enough to rock your own beach body!


Megan is wearing Promenade Vintage and I’m wearing an old Britt bikini from Panache


Colette is wearing high waisted bikini bottoms from Unique Vintage
Helen is wearing a bikini top from Unique Vintage



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