The Body Confidence Revolution

As some of you may already know from my Facebook and Instagram, I have been chosen by Leyah Shanks to be an official ambassador for the Body Confidence Revolution. There are so many reasons why this is an exciting development for me, one being that Leyah has been a personal role model for me for quite a while now. She was also one of the major inspirations for starting this blog. A few months ago she posted a photo of herself wearing the Lottie set from Cleo by Panache, and I suddenly thought “hey! I could do that!” I took a couple of photos of myself in some of my bras, thought I looked pretty good, sent one to a friend who agreed, and my mind was made up!


Look at us being twins! (Leyah –  we both have such good taste in lingere, I think we need to do a matching lingerie shoot some time!)

I try to make my feelings on body positivity very clear. For one, I’ve decided to share photos of myself and my body, a body which many others would deem unattractive according to the unrealistic beauty ideals which are drilled into us from all angles everyday. I have addressed it more blatantly in my older post Am I still fat? (let me be clear here: I do not mean “fat” to be anything other than a descriptor, but unfortunately we are supposed to think of it as a negative attribute and that if we are fat, we are worth less). While it’s always been implied on my blog and Instagram, I didn’t think I was doing enough and thought I needed to be more vocal about it. I posted a clear photo of my belly, where the after effects of weight loss are most evident. Although I have generally not tried to hide much about my body, some of the photos I’ve posted may have been too thought out, and I’ve angled myself in certain ways until I’m completely happy with how I look. This didn’t seem honest enough. If I’m describing myself as a “body positivity enthusiast” I need to do more than just saying “all bodies are good bodies”. Of course, that message is true and something I’ve believed in for a long time, but I felt like I needed to give something back to the community which helped me so much, and hopefully in turn inspire others to find the courage to love themselves too.

My body tells a story I’m proud to share
In that weird way that life seems to go sometimes, an opportunity slapped me right in the face when Leyah posted about looking for ambassadors. It just struck me as the absolutely, perfectly right thing at the right time. I applied and didn’t really think much else of it, but was of course delighted when Leyah got back to me saying I’d been chosen as an ambassador. Clearly she could see something in me, some inspiring little light that could do some good in the world. When one of your own personal role models can see something similar to what you see in them, it feels freaking fantastic! Also, seeing the flipping AMAZING people I’ve been chosen to join just blows my mind. For real, when I saw the other beautiful ambassadors Leyah had chosen, I got a little emotional. Check them out here.

What it all comes down to is this: I am beautiful, no matter what bra size, dress size, weight, sexuality. Whether I have long hair or short. If I’m feeling low, and anxious and sad, or if I’m confident and happy and dancing in my unda-pants, I’m beautiful. The body love journey is not an easy journey to embark upon. There are set backs, and hurdles, and millions of people trying to tell you you’re wrong. But honestly? Fuck them. You are the most important person in your life, and if I can inspire just ONE more person to realise that about themselves, I’ll be happy.





3 thoughts on “The Body Confidence Revolution

  1. I’m so happy I found your site. Since gaining weight I’ve been HATING my boobs. Loathing is more like it 😦
    In UK size I am a 42H/42J USA size. So my gals are BIG & heavy & I feel as if nothing flatters or fits correct.
    I FINALLY found a good bra it’s called the Elomi. I put it on and was like “whaaaat?!” I was happy because they weren’t obnoxiously pointy and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Literally.
    I’m researching other brands and came across this site.
    I’m assuming your H cup is UK sized? If no please let me know. I’m trying to figure out what your USA size would be or UK size so I can see if your picks come in my UK size of 42h.
    Thank you so much for this site & I am excited you’re ripping us gals!
    You’re a smart and pretty young lady (I’m 40 so I feel old and have been talking like I’m ancient compared to young & I applaud your strength and bravery.


    1. Hi! I’m so happy you came across my blog. As I’m sure you’ve read, I used to hate my boobs too. A proper fitting bra can do wonders, literal life changing wonders! My size is a UK size. Unfortunately, I think all the brands I wear stop at a 38 or 40 back. However! Panache’s sister brand, Sculptress e do offer a 42 band and your cup size! The styles and colours are quite similar to the Cleo ones I wear, so you can add something funky to your bradrobe! Also, Prima Donna offer your size (although at twice the price) and Goddess also do. They can all be found on – I hope you find something you like and reignite some body love within yourself!💕


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