Scantilly stole my heart

Joining the lingerie blogging world has opened my eyes up to so many different brands and styles of lingerie. Something I’ve seen a lot of for the smaller bust on the high street is the erotic and bondage style of lingerie which has slowly been gaining popularity, especially after Fifty Shades of Grey (not my thing). Because the majority of lingerie available on the high street is only available in the A-D cup category, I never thought this trend would be possible to find in the fuller bust market. But then, I stumbled upon Curvy Kate’s erotic collection, Scantilly. Oh Scantilly, be still my beating heart!

The Scantilly range offers DD-HH women the chance to express their cheekier, racier and more sensual side, while still getting that great support Curvy Kate is famous for.  Currently, there are four styles on offer with different options within those. I have three incomplete sets from the line, but I fully intend on adding to my Scantilly collection.


Peek-A-Boo is MY NEW FAVOURITE THING EVER. The sheer cups and deliciously soft satin wrap around the lower half of the cup, paired with a sneaky little keyhole cut out just make me feel like a queen. It’s a style I could only have dreamed of wearing. I have the full crimson set and the bra and suspender belt from the black set. The full briefs sold out in my size but if I ever come across them I will definitely snap them up. The Peek-A-Boo set also comes with a bare back brief, and the only reason I wouldn’t go for this style is that I always have a cold bum and lower back, for some reason, so I generally like to keep it covered as much as possible! I am so in love with this set. The fit is completely perfect, and although it looks like a complicated cut, the comfort is not compromised. I will buy this set in every colour that ever comes out (like the green I showed you in my Moda post in February).




All Wrapped Up

This padded plunge comes with a soft, sheer tie which attaches to the top of the centre wires and can be removed for an everyday look. This is another exciting style for me, as it was something I only thought existed for the smaller bust. The tie can be used in lots of different ways, for example just tied in a simple bow around the neck, or criss-crossed between the straps for a more interesting and sultry look.





The Surrender bra and basque comes with delicate feather embroidery and cute little straps which sit at the top of your bust, drawing the eye to your fabulous cleavage. The basque is high on my wishlist. And to be honest, so is the bra…



This racy, padded half-cup creates such crazy cleavage, and the cut-outs on the briefs match the edgy look. This is the only style I’m unsure of trying, as I never get on well with half cups. But I do admire it from afar, and am looking forward to seeing the new colour in Autumn.



I’m so excited to see where Curvy Kate go with this range, and I’m excited to continue to add to my own Scantilly collection!


6 thoughts on “Scantilly stole my heart

  1. I’m waiting for the apple green colorway of the Peek-a-Boo to put my hands on this babe 😀 AHAH! If only I was more FOT, I could give a try to the Surrender basque, but I have only one unpadded plunge from Curvykate and my smaller breast can’t fill the top of the cup…:'( Did you buy your usual Curvy Kate size? I think I’m between a 30GG and a 30H but I only got 30Hs in this brand.
    This collection is to die for! And you look so confident wearing it! ❤ You're beautiful!



    1. Thank you, boo! The only other Curvy Kate I have is the Arizona t-shirt bra, but I needed a HH in that because for some reason padded bras come up small on me and I always need to size up. I think I may have tried the Madagascar before though which is non-padded and the 30H was fine. I have the black in a 30H and the red in 30HH (because I really really really wanted it and the 30H was sold out) but the H is definitely better. I’m not FOT either but this gives such a good boost somehow! So yeah, true to my normal 30H size. I’d love to try the Surrender. I wish I could find it in stores so I could try it without having to just order it online and hope for the best. But a lot of the time I don’t care if it isn’t 100% perfect if I really love the bra!xx

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      1. Thank you for all this explanation! I thought my breasts were a bit smaller than yours but maybe we finally are pretty much the same bra size 😀 *twinning* . I think I should try both a 30GG and a 30H though. I really can’t wait for the A/W16 collection! I think I’ll took advantage of the summer sales to get the black one (the red set is soooo terribly gorgeous but I can’t buy the green, the red and the black, that would be crazy… Or can I?) Scantilly is so promising! *_*
        I am so sad it is impossible to find this brand here in store… That would be so much easier! I really need to go to UK this summer, even if it is only for 3 days… If only I could go to Ireland too! I would be glad to meet you there!!

        Love. ❤


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