Review: Della by Cleo

I’m sure most people have figured out by now that I’m a massive Cleo fan. I was so happy to meet some of the people behind the brand, and they were more than happy and very generous to send me a gift from their upcoming Summer 2016 line.

Della is a new style to Cleo, and while I normally don’t go for anything animal print (that’s a lie, I have to two Maya colourways from older Cleo seasons!) – Della really stood out to me. I love the bold black lines which contrast so loudly with the pink leopard print. I was also really excited to see the briefs were deeper, and came with detachable suspender straps. It’s definitely a fresh, modern twist on the vintage lingerie styles.


The shape is perfect, typical Cleo. Upfront and in your face, but just the perfect amount of in your face, you know? To quote myself from a text conversation I had with a colleague a while ago: “I think people are sometimes scared of Cleo because the shape is so BOOBS but that’s probably my favourite thing about them because my boobs  generally aren’t very BOOBS”. I’m so articulate, I know, but it’s a very accurate description.

The fit for me personally is true to size. I was sent my normal 30H, and I can’t fault the fit in any way. I would compare it to the fit and shape of Minnie, although the fabric is slightly sturdier than that of Minnie, which I don’t have a problem with. Honestly, I really struggle to find any issues EVER with Cleo! Like I said before, it’s like they were made specifically for my boobs.


The pants are super comfy, and I really like that the adjusters on the suspender straps don’t slip, which I’ve found is a common problem with straps which are added for decoration more than functional use. No stocking welts down at your knees, which has happened to me before and it’s not a good look! The one teeny tiny thing I did wish was different would be for the pants to come up a little higher, so they sit above my bellybutton and on my true waist. However, I think if I tried a size up from what I normally wear it might fix this.

Della is easily one of my new favourites, and is definitely going to be in high rotation. I can’t wait to see the next colourway for A/W16!



2 thoughts on “Review: Della by Cleo

  1. You are a doll! I love seeing you happy! 🙂 I want to try this set soo badly! 😀 I’m not an animal print lover but the pink on this one balances the animal effect! It is just adorable!

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