Fleur Rose – Lulu Tout by Figleaves

  I found this set on my daily scroll through Figleaves. Yes, I look at lingerie every single day. I wouldn’t be a true lingerie addict if I didn’t! Normally I would just stick to what I know, like Cleo/Panache, adding stuff into my basket and looking at older styles in the sale. But this time I decided to search by my bra size to see what else I was potentially missing out on. I hadn’t even known about the Figleaves styles available up to the H cup, and this style was something I’d always wanted in my own size but didn’t know where to look. Also, the prices are very reasonable at £40 for the whole set! (And it’s now in the sale!

I always feel a bit anxious when an online order arrives, especially if it’s a brand I’ve never tried. And honestly, I didn’t think this bra would suit me because my post-weight loss boobs can be so stubborn and hard to work with sometimes! However, when I put it on I was really surprised by the natural, rounded shape it gave me. There is a slight bit of stretch in the cup which I personally like as it tends to work better for my loose skin. And that lace overlay just made me feel so luxurious and special. It’s just so different to anything I’ve bought in the past. The only small negative is that whatever way the lace is stitched over the top of the cup makes it kind of tight at the bottom, so from the side it gives a strange pointed shape. I think if a HH were available this would fix this, but honestly, the cup fits so nicely everywhere else and if I wear it under something loose you can’t really tell. 

You can see in this photo how the lace slightly pushes my boobs from underneath. 

The shorts too are very delicate and comfortable to wear. I don’t think they give obvious VPL, which is something I’m very particular about! All in all, despite the fact that the cup may give me a strange shape, I’m happy to overlook it and will probably buy this style in other colours!


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