The Beginning of my Chronicles

I used to hate my boobs. I used to hate my body. I was your typical, slightly overweight, big boobed teen. I was embarrassed, I hated seeing photos of myself, and I often sat with my back hunched over to disguise my boobs and stomach which just made me look worse. To add to this, I was definitely not wearing the correct bra size. I’m not sure what size I would have been back then as I was heavier, but I’m pretty sure I was usually made to wear a 36-38G, as that’s all that was offered to me. I know now that I was not an unmanageable size, but as I was limited to two high street retailers who offered a supposedly good range of bigger cup sizes but who never fitted me properly, it seemed to me that I was just doomed to endure the pain of underwires sticking into me and the weight of my unsupported bust causing strain on my shoulders, neck and back. What also bothered me, being young and wanting to wear fun, colourful bras like my smaller-busted friends, was that I only ever seemed to have the choice between black, white or nude. Plain bras are okay for certain outfits, but for as long as I can remember my clothes and outward presentation have been a way to capture and project my personality, which for the most part is fun, witty, slightly weird. Not having everything match up with that just annoyed me deep down.

Jump forward six or seven years to my first proper bra fitting in a Bravissimo store in Edinburgh. I still can’t remember how I discovered Bravissimo, but I know it changed my life. Within minutes I was wearing the correct size and couldn’t believe the difference it made to not just my boobs, but the rest of my figure, my posture, my back, everything. I was instantly hooked (lol).

This is not an unusual journey. Unfortunately many women have and will continue to struggle with their bodies, their boobs and bra size. I just hope by sharing my story I can show other women that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve since started working as a bra fitter myself, and my passion for lingerie continues to intensify. I love the knowledge I now have. I love knowing that something as simple as changing someone’s bra size can change everything. I love the fact that my own self confidence has grown vastly, all because of that one fitting. I love knowing that my body isn’t perfect, but that it’s still beautiful because it’s unique and it’s mine. And finally, after years of hating them, I love my boobs!IMG_9830.jpg

Pictured: me at my happiest – wearing an adorable bra by Cleo by Panache, rolling around with a few of my faves (this could be you too!)


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of my Chronicles

  1. Great article Niamh! I finally got correctly fitted i my late 40’s – what a difference. I liked the post you did some time ago about the girl who was unevenly sized and her boyfriend made fun of her. You got her fitted right and made her feel better about herself.


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